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Are You Selling a Home with Pesky Pet Odors?

By Yvette Belisle - October 07, 2020


Pets are one of the most beloved companions, however, they can cause our home a nightmare when it's time for us to sell. Persistent pet odors and stains can make or break a deal. 

Furballs almost everywhere, hidden stains and damage, as well as lingering odors, can cause buyers, especially those with allergies, to turn away. 

DIY Fix for mild messes

An ozone machine is an effective solution for persistent pet odors. It can eliminate odors by infusing the air with additional oxygen molecules where the machine sucks in air from the environment and infuses it with more ozone molecules that oxidize and neutralizes odors and other dangerous particles. The average run time can be 24-48 hours straight. Deep cleaning the floors using products such as Pine-Sol, subfloor cleaning including any marked surfaces, replacing the carpet, and making sure that the air is circulating will greatly help too.

Get some help from the Professionals

While some stains and pet odors can be fixed with DIY removal jobs, there are some persistent ones that require extreme measures to fix. There are professionals who offer pet odor and stain removal service and the cost will depend on the severity of the issue, the cleaning method used, or whether a floor replacement is needed. 

Steam cleaning, cleaning each furniture piece, odor elimination, and remediation costs may vary plus whether you want a chemical-free cleaning. 

If in any case, you as a seller may not agree to take on these massive cleaning project due to some specific reasons, it is important for you to be transparent to your listing agent and your potential buyers about the issue so you can do something about it or reach an agreement to get the deal done.


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