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Getting Ready To List Your Home? Try These Low-Budget Home Improvement Projects

By Yvette Belisle - July 10, 2020
When you put your home on the market, you want it to attract buyers and sell quickly and for as much as possible. And, depending on the condition of your home, that might mean making some improvements before you list. But home improvement projects don’t have to break the bank! A recent article from Bigger Projects outlined home improvement projects that can help you make a big

6 Questions to Consider When Downsizing

By Yvette Belisle - July 10, 2020
If you’re considering moving into a smaller home, you may be eager to save money on mortgage payments and utilities. You might also be looking forward to spending less time and effort on interior and exterior home maintenance. But before you begin packing up your belongings, here are a few things you might want to consider to help you choose the best one for the lifestyle you want. 1. W

Tips For Making A Safe Move During The COVID-19 Pandemic

By Yvette Belisle - July 08, 2020
Restrictions are being lifted and the country is starting to reopen, but it’s still important to be safe and protect yourself from COVID-19—and that includes when you move. A recent video from realtor.com outlined tips for moving safely in the midst of COVID-19, including: Drive instead of fly. Car travel puts you at less risk of exposure to COVID-19 than air trav

Bidding Wars Are On The Rise

By Yvette Belisle - July 06, 2020
The Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent shutdowns across the country forced many potential buyers to put their home search on hold. But for the buyers that did make a purchase during the height of the pandemic, low inventory made for fierce competition—and as the country reopens and restrictions are lifted, that competition is continuing to heat up. According to data outlined in a r

Construction Heats Up As Buyers Return To The Market

By Yvette Belisle - July 06, 2020
As more of the country continues to reopen, buyers that were waiting out the pandemic before making a move are starting to reenter the market—and more new homes are being built in order to keep up with demand. According to data outlined in a recent realtor.com article, construction of new homes in the United States was up 4.3 percent in May, climbing to an annual rate of 974,000. Th

Recent Survey Reveals A Great Opportunity for Home Buyers

By Yvette Belisle - June 29, 2020
As the country reopens and starts to lift COVID-related restrictions, more people are getting back into the housing market—but many sellers are still concerned with how the pandemic will impact their home sale. According to a new survey from LendingTree, more than 80 percent of sellers are concerned their home won’t sell—and almost 70 percent of sellers would accept a lo

9 Surprising Things First-time Home Buyers Should Know

By Yvette Belisle - June 26, 2020
People who have been homeowners for a long time tend to forget how exciting and nerve-wracking it feels to buy a home for the first time. Once you’ve been through the process, you know what to expect and aren’t surprised by the second (or fifth) go-around. But for new homeowners, the road is filled with novel experiences, and the learning curve might feel a bit steep to someone who

Buyers Make Their Four-Legged Friends a Priority When Shopping For A New Home

By Yvette Belisle - June 24, 2020
There are plenty of things to consider when buying a home, from the size of the property to the location to the backyard. But for many buyers, it’s not just about what they’re looking for in a home; what their pets are looking for is just as important. According to data from the National Association of Realtors and realtor.com (outlined in an article from REALTOR Magazine), a

Selling Your Home? Tackle These Issues Before The Inspection

By Yvette Belisle - June 22, 2020
The home inspection is one of the last steps in the home selling process. But if something goes wrong and the home inspector finds issues with your property, it could give buyers reasons to ask for a reduced price on your home—or to walk away from the purchase altogether. That’s why, if you want your home sale to go smoothly, you should plan to take a proactive approach and tackle

Buying A Home Is Ranked One Of The Top 3 Greatest Life Achievements

By Yvette Belisle - June 22, 2020
Buying a home is a major achievement. And according to a recent survey, for many Americans, it’s one of their greatest life achievements. A recent survey from Century 21 Real Estate found that nearly ¾ of Americans (70 percent) ranked buying a home as one of the top three greatest achievements of their life. The only achievement ranked higher than buying a home? Getting

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