How To Make a DIY Chemical-Free Natural Swimming Pool

Dated: 11/07/2018

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I thought I‘d seen everything when it comes to swimming pools. However, David Pagan Butler just proved me wrong. He is a permaculture expert, and specializes in designing lifestyle systems that work with nature in a symbiotic way. David has designed a permaculture friendly, chlorine-free pool, and looks like a real pleasure to swim in. The water is filtered and cared for by a shallow “wildlife zone” that is just as large as the swimming zone. The system is so efficient that there’s no need for chemical treatment of any sort. The only technology used is an eco-friendly filtering and circulation system, powered by solar cells. Even mosquitoes can’t populate this wonder of cooperation between man and nature. Besides the obvious financial and ecological advantages to building such a pool, the accumulative health advantages (avoiding harmful chemicals) make this an obvious preference for those who want to benefit their health while enjoying all the pleasures of swimming. Who knows how David’s creations may evolve all of our back yards in the near future?

Via Permaculture Media
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